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2023 Marketing Trends

2023 Marketing Trends

Marketing has been evolving at a fast rate for the last decade. Thanks to social media and the internet, trends tend to change every 6 months. As a marketing agency, we understand that it is important for businesses to stay in with today’s trends so that their business is not left behind. In this blog, we will be listing trends in the first half of 2023.

Influencer Marketing

One of the most powerful collaborators on social media is influencers. With hundreds of followers and credibility, influencers are able to “influence” their followers into making purchases, visiting a location, trying a new product, etc. Furthermore, these people have the ability to sell your brand, message, or product by simply making a social media post.


For the last decade, VR has become an asset to many types of markets, such as film, and video games, and now it can become a useful tool for everyday work activities after Apple announced its new Vision Pro lenses. Now more than ever, more users of the internet will start using VR for more activities. Therefore it is essential for businesses to start offering things like virtual tours, virtual tutorials, introduction videos, and more.

Video Marketers

The attention span of Generation Z is set to be around 2.7 minutes. After growing up with everything at their fingertips thanks to the rise of iPads and iPhones, marketers have to be creative in how to grab their attention. TikTok has become one of the lead social media platforms for its short and eye-catching videos. Additionally, this is why more businesses are focusing on building a brand on TikTok for their young audience.


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