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Iglesia Camino del Rey Upper Valley

The church way to the king of the upper valley was born in the heart of our Elohim Almighty God on November 29, 2010. Its founder the Apostle Ezekiel and Maria Elena Iracheta. They were in charge of starting this work. The Camino Del Rey church in Brownsville has had the ministry of radio and television for many years. Through this ministry the seed of the gospel was sown in the upper valley and through the radio program God changes the man led by the Apostle Ezequiel Iracheta and the program “for you virtuous woman” by the pastor and evangelist Rosalinda Rahab. That was the door through which a missionary work began in the upper valley area. The city of Edinburg was chosen by our God to begin the work. Exactly the year when we celebrated the first anniversary of the missionary work became a church, taking the position as Pastor and leader of the congregation Pastor Rosalinda Rahab.

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