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Privacy Policy

Our company is committed to protecting your right to privacy. In this privacy policy statement described are the policies and procedures we enforce in collecting, using and protecting your personal information.

Conditions of Use

Access and use of is subject to this Privacy Policy.

Information Collected

Personal information is not asked when browsing this site but some information including your web browser, server address and computer system are transmitted automatically. This information collected are analyzed and aggregated to statistics and trends in order to improve the design and content of the website. However, the user remains strictly anonymous. Unless you voluntarily submit your personal information to us, we do not collect any identifying information – name, address, phone and email address.

When we request your personal information, we will inform you for the kind of information we request and explain how we will use it. We strictly use your identifying information only to provide the service that we have identified. These services are optional and you are not obligated to provide the information. If you do, it will be completely confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Legal Disclaimer

We may also disclose your identifying information for strictly legal reasons. We may disclose your information for reasons including but not limited to the following situations:

  • As required by the law, when complying to subpoena and similar processes
  • In protection of your safety and others’ safety
  • When disclosure of your personal information is necessary in protection of your rights
  • Investigation of fraud
  • Request from the government
  • To a third party but with your prior consent

Only then will we might disclose your identifying information. In the case that we might be involved in a merger, sale of a portion or all of our assets, or in acquisition process, an email will be sent to you to notify on any change in the ownership or use of your identifying information.



All general services that fall within those specified above, shall be fully established and clarified and mutually agreed between the parties involved, this is the provider and the beneficiary, both as regards matters, sections, graphics, designs, effects, colors, locations, technical data, etc.., the same must be established at the time of negotiation of the page.


Cost of services: This will be established between the parties involved and began to run once the customer or beneficiary of the service, give all the information, together with the first payment.


Payment Method: Recipients of client services or make payment using PAYPAL CO.  or direct debit using a credit or debit card once a month, and on the same day that you set or is made the first payment. Example: (March 12) the first payment is made, then all 12 of each month will be debited from the customer’s account the amount agreed.


(Streaming and Additional Services) Additional fees for additional services: there may be in the process of service delivery defined in accordance with paragraph # 1, additional services such as online radio installation or live video, so at an additional cost incurred by plant team. However, if the client is aware of this type of service, we deliver the information required and the customer is responsible for installing code on their computers.


Payment: The development of the site may have, if agreed by the parties, within 12 calendar months, during which the client could make the payments determined by mutual agreement, and compliance with the 12 months plus one day. After that (12 months) it will automatically renews to monthly service / renewal of the contract or agreement in which the user will continue paying the hosting/domain/maintenance and services added upon the contract.
Ø Customer may pay the hosting page and complete, but still keep the principle of developing the site according to the following terms.


Time to build page: Shaddai Solutions time of elaboration (a minimum from 30 to 45 calendar days for the design and development of the site.) After this time proceed to the evaluation and / or correction of the page, which intervene in both the supplier and the customer or beneficiary, until it is fully completed to the satisfaction of the beneficiary of this contract matter. Most of the time is less than 30 days, but this our safety range.
This time of minimum 30 to 45 days may be increased as needed by both the customer’s delay in delivery of the data/information or the increase of information; this makes a difference with the data originally established by mutual agreement. The database pages take 45 days minimum processing.


Cancellation of the contract or entitled to NO in the renovation.

A) If during the process, the customer or beneficiary wishes to withdraw, not to continue with monthly payments and / or want to keep the page already developed, we will deliver as long as the page has been canceled the difference between the remainder payable according to the time specified in the contract (12 months usually).
B) If you want to retire and not continue with the page, or if you do not cancel at all the remaining months under the contract either because they were dissatisfied with it, or by a private case of the customer “will cancel the remaining months of contract of financing.” Shaddai Solutions has full rights on the page and will not be given any information if the recipient wants to make a change of provider. (Or until it the client has agreed to pay for the design and execution).
C) After 12th month, customer is able to switch if they want to with any other agency and all information and design will be handle to client. We do our best in customer satisfaction that we know for sure that client will stay with us, If the customer wishes to withdraw for any reason or inconvenience, the beneficiary may get to take the decision to stop payment or cancel the contract dispute, the provider reserves the right not to refund the money for the months in which it was provided services or development time of the page. It maintains the principle established in the term B.
D) The delay of any payment by the recipient may generate temporary termination of service until payment is restored (if there has not been any communication between the client with the company)
E) If no communication from the client within 30 calendar days, the provider has every right to discharge him to the site and maintain the principles established in the terms B and C.


Several clarifications: a. If the client does not wish to renew the services set forth in this contract, after completion of the funding period of the page according to the provisions herein, Shaddai Solutions deliver the necessary logs and passwords to change to another provider. b. We clearly stated that we are not responsible under any circumstances, the loss of information after handing logins and passwords and another person who is not authorized by us has entered the files. c. The customer must cancel the domain transfer costs, these costs vary by provider contract which the client later. d. Maintenance of the page includes changes on images, text, add and / or remove audio or video from the web, any changes must not alter the design or programming if so the customer must cancel the change of image or any kind of restructuring of the page. This is an additional service after the first 12 months. (if maintenance is not added to your renewal) e. All material to be provided by the client, as (photos, text development, videos) must be provided with its respective extension, preferable. Mp4 (this is for videos). f. If the customer or recipient is interested to develop this is also part of the information (as indicated in paragraph “e”) will be charged separately and outside the contract and will be charged as Shaddai Solutions.


This contract shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of The State of Texas (without regard to conflict of laws principles). Both participants irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any federal or state located in McAllen,TX Hidalgo County, over any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract, legal or equitable, and each party hereby irrevocably agrees that all claims in respect of such dispute or any suit, action or proceeding related thereto shall be heard and determined such courts. 


Client further acknowledges and agrees that Shaddai solutions makes no guarantees hereunder as to the results of their search engine optimization services under this contract. We cannot and does not guarantee hereunder any placements on any search engine or any specific outcome. Search Engines may change their method of operation, which we cannot control and, accordingly, search engine optimization services may be of little or no value. Even if we obtain optimal placements for Clients on any search engine, such placements may not lead to results for clients.


This contract is for the initial term set forth on all pages. After the expiration of the initial term, this contract shall continue on a monthly basis thereafter. When the customer is on monthly program, he/she cannot have pending or unpaid invoices for more than 45 days or account will be temporary suspended. Shaddai Solutions will need to be paid first and no balance will be remaining on the time of turning in any information to the client to move with any other provider. Customized Programs or Software will have same as web service contract. Also it may go up if customer adds more services to the contract.


Renewal: When the client or beneficiary renews your page your monthly payments will only be to cancel the hosting and domain and optional maintenance page can be purchased as detailed in the points already covered in the numeral “8 d”.


Confidentiality: Shaddai Solutions is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all information provided by the customer or beneficiary information will be treated very professionally, and we have no intention of disclosing any information to third parties.


To record the approval from the participants in this document, both the customer and Shaddai Solutions customer or beneficiary, undertake to comply with the clauses set forth above. In case of any dispute under this contact, the non-prevailing party shall pay all cost and fees of the parties (including reasonable attorney fees of the prevailing party) in connection with such dispute.