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The Importance of Ranking #1 on Google

The Importance of Ranking #1 on Google

It is important that your business is always optimized on search engines. You may ask yourself why that would be the case, and the answer is easy. People searching on the internet will usually only click on the first three listings that show up on their search engine, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The first three spots are where you want your business to be so you can get more leads, calls, inquiries, conversations, etc. But the question is, how could I be in the top three spots? Below we will explain how our team at Shaddai Solutions can help you rank #1 on Google.

Keywords are Key

Each business is different, therefore the keywords that pertain to your business need to describe the services you offer and the location you service among other things. There are a few factors that affect the ranking of each keyword, this includes volume, relevance, competition, and ranking. The volume of a keyword refers to the times a month that the keyword has been searched. This leads to the competition of how many websites and businesses want to rank high for the same keyword. When it comes to Google, there are ways to get ahead of your competition by bidding on Google Ads Words, the higher the bid the better ranking it would get.

On-Page SEO

Our team of experts at Shaddai Solutions understands the way algorithms work and what has to be done on the backend of your website to get a better ranking. On-Page SEO has many aspects that help your website’s ranking. These include content, keywords, HTML tags, internal tags, image optimization, metadata, URL, backlinks, guest posting, social promotion, listings, public relations, page speed, site structure, sitemaps, indexation, and structured data. By fixing the structure of your website detail by detail to optimize each page.

Local SEO

Our team specializes in the optimization of your business in your local area. This is very important because you want your business to rank high on Google for potential customers around you. Not only do we optimize your website locally but also other listings where potential customers might look for your business. Additionally, we use one of the most powerful tools in today’s world…social media. We want to make sure that all that has to do with your business is up to date.

We Can Help You Rank #1 on Google

In conclusion, our team at Shaddai Solutions builds a plan for your business so that you rank high on Google. First, we evaluate your market, services, and target audience. Additionally, we meet with our clients to understand more about the goals they want to achieve. Our team works closely on the backend of our client’s website every month to optimize Blogs, pages, and photos for a better ranking. Contact our team of experts and get a free quote today. Call Now (956) 307-9777