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Shaddai Solutions | Digital Marketing Agency, located in McAllen, Texas, is a full service web design and media firm. Shaddai Solutions began developing websites as early as 2004, catering to businesses in McAllen, Harlingen, Browsville and the rest of the Rio Grande Valley. Solutions knows the importance of having a presence in the World Wide Web and since 2004, it has steadily grown to become a full-service Digital Marketing Agency and Web Design company, building great websites for businesses, local churches, and organizations.

Select a Customized Package

Every business has different needs and challenges. This is why we prepare a personalized package for each of our customers. Our packages are based on each of our client’s goals.

Schedule a Meeting with Our Team

After you choose the right package for your business, our team will meet with you to go over your business goals. During the meeting, we will explain and plan out the path we follow to get to your goals.

Execute Your Project

After the first meeting, we begin the process of building the structure of your marketing plan. Whether is programming or designing, each of our team members begin taking part in your business.

Client Review

Right after our team finishes the designs, logos, or projects, we send them to you so you can review them with your team. If it is included in your package, our team will make any changes you might request.

Get Results

When the final project is finalized, it goes live into the world! This is an exited time because all the hard work finally comes together. Soon enough you will start seeing a difference in leads, marketing plans, etc.

Analytics / Maintenance / Advertising / SEO

Depending on the package you choose, we will provide analytics of your business so we can understand what works and what doesn’t. If you require changes or updates on your website we will do that as well. Furthermore, if you are looking to optimize your business organically with SEO or inorganically marketing such as Google or Facebook advertising our team can do that at an additional charge.