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Digital Platform

We offer custom online programs to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Whether you have been searching for new software to run the operations of your company, require custom web software to assist in running a government program, rest assured that SHADDAI SOLUTIONS LLC can help you out.

We’ve been preparing and developing custom online software applications for government offices, companies and even startup businesses for more than a decade and many of our custom online programs are in still used these days. We developed software in order to assist thousands of people to find jobs, and best software to use in running training, purchasing and some other operational functions for the international companies and assisted different startups bring life to their ideas.

We get started through preparing and then developing the software scope, and the architectural blueprint for your project, assisting you to consider important business rules, user interface, security processes and the marketing components prior to writing the initial piece of code. It would help you in keeping your project on time and under the budget. It also permits you to completely understand what you are purchasing.

If we are already finished with planning, we are able to provide a detailed proposal designed for the development of your software and we will get started to work on that. The whole development process will be done and completed in-house and our team would keep you within the loop alongside the way. We could even integrate then exchange data with most databases and software programs.