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Radio Online

In need of easy and immediate audio streaming service for your website? No worries for we offer you at Shaddai Solutions the most affordable and readily available radio online 24/7 services. We provide you the most in-demand audio streaming service that’s available in an easy-to-use environment. This service is designed to offer you a way to easily monetize your audio streams simply by integrating it in your existing service.

What we offer you is a fully equipped audio streaming service that’s not high definition supported. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in doing real time broadcasts, you will find that our radio online 24/7 allows you to broadcast within minutes after you set up. Our audio streaming service is designed to provide you 24/7 radio broadcast online. No matter the time of the day, you can have your audience listen to your broadcasts no matter what time of the day.

But, that is not the only thing that we offer you. What’s more, we offer you the feature allowing you to track and then monitor your viewers. With analytics, you can track your success and set on the right course of action in order to effectively monetize your audio streams. Of course, Shaddai Solutions makes sure that your radio streams are being broadcasted from a reliable hosting and connection.

We guarantee you that you have instantaneous connection notwithstanding your geographic location. We use the most reliable servers in handling your file uploads ensuring that it comes in the fastest upload speed possible. We also assure you that the network is backed with a 244/7 monitoring so that your content will not be lost in case a server crashed during your live stream.

But that is not all. Shaddai Solutions provide all our customers with unlimited pages and unlimited monthly updates at no additional costs. With that, rest assured that you can get the best price guaranteed in Rio Grand Valley, Edinburg, McAllen, Brownsville, Weslaco, Harlingen and the surrounding areas in all of Texas.

We also offer Podcast service connection between ios/android applications & web.