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When it comes to your need for custom software, trust SHADDAI SOLUTIONS LLC. Our team develops custom software that works with the intranet.

How Could a Corporate Intranet Assist Your Business?

For the past few years, the company intranet software industry has been dominated by those “off-the-shelf” solutions. They can work in the most suitable way when they meet your requirements closely but usually, they do not. So, what do you mean by “off-the-shelf”? It typically means installing the solution which you just require a small portion of or the one which requires heavy customization. The recent trend in larger organizations is to construct and provide custom solutions which will tackle some specific issues. It can mean replacement of the manual procedures with custom software, developing custom information management solutions and solutions for project management.

Increasingly, the intranets are used in order to provide sophisticated software, resources, CRM’s as well as tools for project management in order to enhance productivity. Intranets became more powerful and efficient if they are connected to corporate database. All of a sudden, the information on corporate network is accessible and searchable by means of a simple and ordinary web interface.

SHADDAI SOLUTIONS LLC comes with some extraordinary samples of custom intranet works that were recently completed and accomplished which are showing the importance of developing extremely customized solutions. Apart from that, our team also comes with vast experience when it comes to addressing other security concerns which may arise when users access the intranet through external sources.

What Could SHADDAI SOLUTIONS LLC Do for Your Business?

At SHADDAI SOLUTIONS LLC, we understand the need for exceptional user experience while our team works while users’ needs are taken into consideration. We also have experienced and award-winning designers and we are also the first one to develop responsive websites in McAllen, TX. SHADDAI SOLUTIONS LLC can also integrate tools, content, applications, databases and forms in your intranet design.

We make use of solid business level software that is 100% secure and scaleable, providing you peace of mind. We have our team of experienced developers who are working in both waterfall and agile project management methodologies.

Getting Started with Us

Prior to set up the intranet, be sure that it’s clear to you why you prefer to make use of it and understand the way your employees would use it. The moment you meet our team, we would work with you in order to develop and improve your concept further, producing prototypes and wireframes. If all the functionality and the provided technical specifications are accepted, we will start the designing process based on the appropriate UX design.